Bad Tradition campaign in Moldova

Bad Tradition Campaign ("The violence cannot be justified by tradition") was launched on May 30, 2013 during a special meeting held in partnership with the Moldovan Government by which it was declared a national campaign in June.

Words Hurt campaign in Moldova

„Words Hurt for a Lifetime"campaign was launched on October 5, 2013 at an event dedicated to teenagers and their parents in the "Stefan cel Mare" National Park. The event was organized in cooperation with a team of young bloggers from the Youth Media Center, who promoted the campaign messages by developing and distributing materials on the effects of the emotional abuse of teenagers and covering the issue in their personal blogs.

Children victims of violence: systemic approach in prevention and protection_international conference in Moldova

The conference took place on 12 and 13 of November. It was organized by National Center for Child Abuse Prevention in partnership with Child Rights Information Center and gathered professionals from the child protection field from Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Great Britain, France.

Social campaign against corporal punishment in Moldova

At the end of May National Centre for Child Abuse Prevention launched the raising awareness campaign "Bad tradition" against corporal punishment of children. The campaign was developed by Nobody's Children Foundation in 2012.

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