About partner organization

National Center for Child Abuse Prevention (NCCAP)

The mission of the National Center for Child Abuse Prevention is to improve the quality of life for children and adults by reducing the level of interpersonal violence through assault prevention education.


Among the main objectives of the organization are:
• Protect and promote the rights of children in the Republic of Moldova.
• Raise public awareness about the problem of child violence.
• Familiarize the society with the basic problems of physical, mental and sexual abuse of children, as well as neglect of children.
• Reduce the vulnerability of children and adults with respect to verbal and physical harassment promoting activities of prevention of child abuse.
• Promote a cross-sector model to address the problem of maltreated children and families.
• Provide psychological and social assistance to children victims of different forms of abuse and neglect.

NC CAP is running four programs:
1. Educational program was launched in 1997 and includes five projects funded by SOROS Moldova and Open Society Institute, USA Embassy from Chisinau, UK Embassy from Chisinau and ILO/IPEC.
The EP is based mainly on volunteers' activity. The volunteers are selected on competitive basis and pass an initial and follow-up training. During period of 1997-2006, more than 200 volunteers participated in training sessions organized by the NC PAC within the EP.
The volunteers organized seminars, summer schools, events focused on child abuse prevention and child labor and traffic prevention. Activities are organized in schools, community based centers and other friendly spaces for children.
2. Psycho-Social Assistance Program for Children and Family - Amicul Center is based on a methodology developed to improve care services through multidisciplinary assistance to abused, neglected and trafficked children. The beneficiaries are children-victims of various forms of abuse and members of their families, marginalized communities and children at risk. Since 2000 AMICUL Center assisted more than 600 children.
Amicul Center offers the following services: psychological counseling, social assistance, juridical and medical consulting, resocialization. All activities are planned and monitored by multidisciplinary teams of professionals from governmental and non-governmental sector.
3. Multidisciplinary training (MTP) - a training module developed within the MTP addresses the issues of prevention and direct support for children-victims of abuse and neglect. Specialized training was provided within MTP for police officers, child protection inspectors, doctor, psychologists, social workers and educators. Specialized in - service training sessions for the NC CAP staff is organized on regular basis.
4. Public Awareness Program (PAP) is responsible for publication and dissemination of all promotional and informative materials developed by the NC PAC:
• The quarterly magazine IMPACT which is published since 2001 and covers practical and methodological aspects on the issue of prevention of child abuse, neglect, trafficking and care for different categories of abused children.
• In 2002, NC CAP organized the social campaign aimed to reduce domestic violence and abuse against children entitled "Do animal beats their children?"
• In 2003-2004, NC CAP led the communication campaign "Leave No Child Out", organized by the NGO's Alliance for social protection of child and family.
• In 2006, NC CAP in partnership with UNICEF, Ministry of Education, and National Council for Child Rights Protection organize the social campaign aimed to reduce child punishment "Childhood without violence".
• NC CAP actively participates in public radio and TV debates and programs where the opinion of professionals from the NCPAC on child protection is required.
• NC CAP members participate in a number of important working groups dealing with child and family issues: WG on National Strategy for child and family protection; WG on Action Plan for Implementation of the National Strategy on Child and family protection; WG on Combating child traffic, etc.


You can read more about NCCAP on http://cnpac.org.md/

The resource center about the problem on child abuse in Moldova is under:http://amicel.cnpac.org.md/