Local supervision in Moldova

The local supervision took place in Moldova in November 2011. The participants were 22 psychologists. The expert was Viorica Adascalita,  from NCCAP. The subject was the psychological evaluation of child victims; several case studies from the practice of expert were brought up for discussion. In small groups, psychologists got involved in a practical exercise to develop a battery of tests, which can be used to diagnose cases of family problems (divorce, deprivation of parental rights, etc.) and cases of sexual abuse. The psychological, ethical and legal aspects in the context of psychodiagnosis of sexually abused children were also discussed.  

International supervision in Moldova

On 10th November 2011, Alicja Budzyńska, expert from the Nobody's Children Foundation (Poland) held an international supervision for Moldovan psychologists working with abused children on "Psychological evaluation of children victims / witnesses of abuse and the role of evaluation reports in legal proceedings" in the frame of the Childhood Without Abuse project.

The report on Child-Friendly Interviewing Rooms in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine

The report on Presentation and Launch of Child-Friendly Interviewing Rooms in Western NIS/ Eastern EU Neighboring Region (Belarus, Moldova, The Ukraine) has been published in June 2011 by the International Center La Strada (Moldova).

Report on formal care and adoption of children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

United Nation Children's Fund report is about children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia who are deprived of parental care. Despite recent reforms, which have led to an increase in the number of children being placed in alternative families – for example with foster parents, guardians or adoptive parents the majority of these children are still living in institutions.