Social Campaigns


Careful Parents

In the campaign "Careful Parents" Empowering Children Foundation directs the attention of young people to the threat of grooming. It also highlights the key role of parents attention and emotional involvement as well as strong family relationships in order to protect children and youth from online threats, including engagement in risky situations. Within the campaign there was a webpage (in Polish) created where professionals, parents as well as youth can find information regarding the problem of grooming, viral movie and 30 seconds spot, press release, brochure for parents, scenario for work with children and youth at school, and scenario for meeting with parents.

You may watch the viral movie here: Careful Parents


1 in 5

Is the  The Council of Europe Campaign to stop sexual violence against children. Available data suggest that about 1 in 5 children in Europe are victims of some form of sexual violence. It is estimated that in 70% to 85% of cases, the abuser is somebody the child knows and trusts. Child sexual violence can take many forms: sexual abuse within the family circle, child pornography and prostitution, corruption, solicitation via Internet and sexual assault by peers. One of the main purposes of the campaign is to equip children, their families/carers and societies at large with the knowledge and tools to prevent and report sexual violence against children, thereby raising awareness of its extent.


Words Hurt

The campaign „Words Hurt for a Lifetime" is an attempt to increase parents' awareness on what is verbal violence, on its forms and possible consequences for a child.
Parents say bad, offensive, hurtful words as if not thinking, without weighing their significance and no reflection on their consequences. Sometimes they only release parental anger, sometimes carrying a false educational message aiming at consolidating information on its unacceptable behaviour in the child's mind.


 Bad Tradition

 The campaign draws parents' attention to the fact that the old methods of punishment such as spanking and shouting do harm children and they must be changed. The campaign transmits a clear message that the world has changed. Beating is illegal because the child should be treated like an average adult citizen and his right to corporal integrity shall be respected.






Protect me! I am small!

The campaign was carried out under two titles: "Good parent- good start" and "Protect me! I am small" It aims at raising social awareness about protection of small children and at enhancing parents skills in the field of positive child rearing. 

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night...
Sometimes I cry and you have to check if everything is ok...
Sometimes you may feel helpless ... Maybe, you're even angry with me, but...
Please, be careful with me....
Sometimes I interrupt when you have to work....
Usually you're patient, because you know that I don't know when is the time of fun ...
But sometimes you get nervous and then...
Please, be careful with me....
Little children are gentle and fragile, so it's easy to hurt them...







Bad Touch

 The campaign on the sexual exploitation of children "Bad touch" aims to raise social awareness about the problem which affects many more children than you might imagine. One of its main objectives  is to make it clear to parents and carers that it can occur anywhere anytime and not only to those "marginalized".



See it, Hear it, Say it

See it, Hear it, Say it campaign aims to raise public sensitivity to physical abuse of children and to enhance the engagement of witnesses of violence against children in efforts to reduce it. It is realised under a slogan: parents who beat their children are trying to hide it. Another goal is encouragement of local communities and institutions to undertake activities for the benefit of abused children.


Child as a Witness

The goal of the Child as a Witness campaign is to improve the situation of children who have been victimized and who participate in legal procedures, such as interviews and court trials. The programme is targeted at child victims’ parents and caregivers, who are provided with information on relevant legal regulations, the scope of competence of the police, the prosecutor, and the court, as well as interviewing procedures. The campaign is also addressed to professionals - judges, prosecutors, police officers, and psychologists acting as court experts - participating in legal interventions or helping children throughout the process. It is aimed at increasing these professional groups' sensitivity to children's special needs in criminal proceedings, improving their skills and competences related to interviewing children and lobbying for the development of child-friendly interview rooms.


Child in Web

The main goal of the Child in the Web social campaign is to draw adults and children’s attention to threats related to meeting strangers online and to educate them how to use the Internet safely. The other issue is illegal content children may encounter while surfing the Internet on their own.


Childhood without Violence

The main objective of the Childhood without Violence campaign was to increase social involvement into actions towards fighting child abuse. Therefore campaign's activities included promotion of the positive solutions on prevention, protection and intervention in child abuse cases and encouraging local communities and institutions into undertaking suitable activities. The campaign aimed also at improving the system of family assistance and at developing parental skills and attitudes. The target groups of the campaign are representatives of institutions and services helping abused children, representatives of the local authorities, parents and public opinion in general.