Children victims of violence: systemic approach in prevention and protection_international conference in Moldova

The conference took place on 12 and 13 of November. It was organized by National Center for Child Abuse Prevention in partnership with Child Rights Information Center and gathered professionals from the child protection field from Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Great Britain, France. The following topics were presented:


1. Systemic approache in prevention and protection of children - it will be discussed different models of multidisciplinary approach of violence against children from Great Britain, Romania, Norway, Denmark, Estonia etc. As well, will be presented active partnerships between government and civil society actors, cooperation between different sectors in order to provide necessary services.

2. Programs on preventing abuse for children and parents - will be organized several workshops on this topic, within which participants will share experience and various models of child abuse prevention from France, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Moldova, including public awareness programs concerning abuse and exploitation of children.

3. Children victims/witnesses of violence within justice system - within this session will be discussed best practices of legal hearing of children victims and implementation of child-friendly justice in Norway, UK, Poland, Estonia, Moldova.


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