Problem of Child Abuse in Central and Eastern Europe in 2005 - 2009

The report Problem of Child Abuse: Attitudes and Experiences in Seven Countries of Central and Eastern Europe presents selected findings from a comparative research programme carried out in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine in 2009 and compares it with results from an analogous research from 2005 within the Childhood without Abuse - Toward a Better Child Protection System in Eastern Europe project. The project, coordinated by the Nobody's Children Foundation and financed by the OAK Foundation, was carried out in 2005 - 2009.

Child in the Web campaign in Moldova

Moldavian organization Copil Comunitate Familie is currently carrying Child in the Web campaign. Materials for the campaign - TV spot and poster - are based on the Polish version of the campaign created by the Nobody's Children Foundation.

Guide on interviewing children for Moldovan professionals

In December 2009 National Centre for Prevention of Child Abuse in Moldova issued a practical guide "Interviewing children victims and witnesses of abuse for legal purposes". It contains information about child abuse phenomenon and methodology of interviewing children. Main target group for this publication are criminal investigation officers, prosecutors, judges, teachers, psychologists and students. Publishing of the book was supported by ABA ROLI and USAID.

Inauguration of the second stage of the Childhood without Abuse Project

On 25th and 26th January project coordinators met to inaugurate new stage of the Childhood without Abuse project that will last from 2010 till 2013 and include organizations from Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine.