Children in Institutions

World Congress on Justice for Children (Paris, 28-30 May 2018)

The theme of the World Congress on Justice for Children in 2018 is ‘Strengthening justice systems for children: Challenges, including disengagement from violent extremism'.

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights calls on Italy not to weaken the protection of children’s rights in the justice

The Commissioner Nils Muižnieks expresses concerns about the bill on the efficiency of civil judicial proceedings.

Situation analisis of children on the move published in Poland

This research was conducted by Nobody's Children Foundation as part of the Mario Project: Joint action to protect Central and South Eastern European migrant children from abuse, exploitaition and trafficking in Europe. The main goal of this research was to assess the situation of children on the move within the context of the child protection system in Poland.

Protect my Future - Why child protection matters in the post-2015 agenda?

Protect my future
Protect my future
The widespread failure to protect children is a global crisis, with 0.5-1.5 billion children experiencing violence each year (Pinheiro 2006), 150 million girls and 73 million boys who are raped or subject to sexual violence (WHO 2000), and 115 million children engaged in extremely harmful forms of work (ILO 2010). This global crisis represents a major violation of children's rights; an unacceptable situation, which must be remedied urgently, no matter what the costs.