International supervision in Moldova

In November 2009 National Center for Child Abuse Prevention organised international supervisions for psychologists from temporary placement centres and residential institutions in Moldova. Invited expert, Ausra Kuriene from Lithuania, spoke about psychological intervention and psychotherapy in case of child abuse.

Research on the problem of child abuse in Eastern Europe

Studies parallel to the studies from 2005 were conducted this year in the frame of the Childhood without Abuse Project. The aim of the studies was to assess changes in the level of public's and professionals' awareness on the topic of child abuse that took place during the time of the project implementation. Studies were conducted in all seven countries participating in the project: Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, and Ukraine.

Analysis of the situation of children in institutions

Year 2009 of the implementation of Childhood without Abuse Project in Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldavia and Ukraine was devoted to the issue of abuse of children in different types of institutions. As a base for planning this year's activities and analyzing possible solutions to the problem, partner organizations prepared short documents on the situation of children in institution in their country.

Sexual abuse in residential institutions

Sexual abuse suffered by children in residential institutions is still largely unrecognised problem in East European countries. With an aim to plan research and prevention initiatives organisations participating in the Childhood without Abuse Project prepared situational analyses concerning this issue. The reviews focus mainly on statistical data and research observations available, legal regulations and good practices identified in each country.