Comparative report on child abuse

Nobody's Children Foundation published the comparative report from six European countries (Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine) regarding the problem of child abuse. The goal of the study was to assess attitudes towards child abuse and corporal punishment as well as parental practices in six countries participating in the project "Childhood without Abuse: Towards a Better Child Protection System in Eastern Europe" financed by OAK Foundations .

Words Hurt campaign in Ukraine

„Words Hurt for a Lifetime" campaign was launched with the 2-days training "Preventing Child Emotional Abuse" which was conducted by a psychologist of Nobody's Children Foundation (Poland), on the 22-23th March, 2013 in Kiev. The focus of the training was on the educational work with parents. 26 participants of the training represented 24 organizations from 14 different regions of Ukraine engaged in the campaign at regional and local level.

Social campaign against emotional abuse in Ukraine

One of the most common type of child abuse experts consider the psychological (emotional) abuse. And professionals single out verbal abuse separately as a permanent source of trauma for children. How often parents lower child's self-esteem simply by words "stupid", "goof", "botcher". After some time such words undermine sole of a child, he or she starts to think about herself or himself "I'm bad", "I'm not smart", "Nobody can't like me"...

Local supervisions in Ukraine

38 professionals from social service centres for family, children and youth and representatives of NGO's participated in two local supervisions which took place on 15th of December 2012 and between 19th and 21th of December 2012 in Ukraine. The first local supervision was dedicated to the problem of early disclosure of child sexual abuse with the focuss on small children abuse. The second local supervision presented training program and materials for work with parents in the field of parenting skills enhancement and positive methods of upbringing children.