„Children count 2017”. The newest report of the Empowering Children Foundation

The report is a current diagnosis of child safety and development in Poland, where live 7 million of children (people under the age of 18). In the 314 pages report there are not only collected the most up-to-date information on children issues and problems or recommendations, but also identified areas of ignorance that are results of the lack of systematic collection of data.

Homo tabletis – Do not be a tablet parent

What was your baby's first word? Mummy? Daddy? Or maybe even tablet? If the word ‘tablet' appears early in your child's vocabulary, then it's very probable that your baby is a ‘Homo tabletis'.

The Nobodys Children Foundation changed its name

We have empowered children for 25 years! After a quarter century the Nobody’s Children Foundation has changed its name into Empowering Children Foundation.


The purpose of the social campaign “Secret” is to broaden social awareness of child sexual abuse and to engage people in combating the crime by allocating 1% of their taxes to the Nobody’s Children Foundation.