Local trainings for professionals in the Ukraine

In November and December 2010 Child Well-Being Fund conducted two local trainings for specialists of services for children, centres of social services for family, youth and sport, psychologists and non-government representatives. The first one was devoted to the topic: Exposure of child abuse cases and the second one:  Interviewing the children-victims of crime.
Altogether 50 participants has been trained.

International supervision in the Ukraine

In December 2010 international supervision took place in the Ukraine. Two experts from Belarus- Andrey Makhanko, executive director of international non-government organization “Ponimanie” and Liudmila Mun, psychologist of government service of medical court were sharing their knowledge on the effective methods of interviewing children-victims of crime.

The campaign Your honour I have the right not to be scared in the Ukraine

The campaign "Your honour I have the right not to be scared" was launched on the 19th November 2010 by the Child Well-Being Fund. The start of the campaign was dedicated to the International Day for the Child Abuse Prevention. The beginning of the campaign was confined to the national action 16 Days against Violence. The partners of the campaign were the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sport, Ministry of Internal Affaires, Academy of Judges of Ukraine, Academy of Prosecution of Ukraine.
During the campaign the posters, leaflets, and brochures devoted to the protection of children in legal procedures were disseminated among the professionals.

Report on the problem of child abuse

The report developed in 2010 by the Nobody's Children Foundation in the frame of the "Childhood without abuse" project compares the attitudes towards child abuse in 6 countries: Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine.