Child Sexual Abuse: causes, consequences and prevention

Child Well-Being Fund published in Ucranian the brochure "Child Sexual Abuse: causes, consequences and prevention" addressed to professionals. It develops the understanding of the phenomenon of child sexual abuse and presents the types of commercial sexual exploitation of children. It also provides the professionals with recommendations for action in case of sexual abuse disclosure.


Bad touch campaign in Ukraine

The campaign „Bad touch" in Ukraine was conducted by Child Well -Being Fund . The launching event was carried out on November 22nd 2011. It was included to the national plan of activities in the frame of 16 Days against Gender Violence.The start of the campaign was dedicated to the International Day for the Child Abuse Prevention.

Local supervisions in the Ukraine

On November 22-23 and on  December 12-13 2011 two local supervisions took place in the frame of the “Childhood without abuse” project. The theme of the first supervision was „Providing psychological assistance to children-victims of sexual abuse”, whereas the second one:  “Informational and communication technologies and the problem of child sexual abuse”. Altogether almost 50 professionals from Centers of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth of Kiev city, NGOs as well as social pedagogues, psychologists were supervised.

Local Trainings in the Ukraine

Two local trainings were conducted in the Ukraine: on September 27-29 and October 20-21  2011. The topic of the first one was  “Child sexual abuse prevention” and the second one: “Commercial sexual exploitation of children”. Altogether 38 professionals participated in the trainings. They were the representatives of Kiev City Centers of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth, NGO representatives, educational department’s representatives, social pedagogues, psychologists.