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The webpage canee.net is run by the Empowering Children Foundation (formerly Nobody's Children Foundation), based in Poland, with financial support of the OAK Foundation. It is dedicated to the problem of abused and neglected children in Central and Eastern Europe. It includes information on the scale and various dimensions of this negative phenomenon in Central and Eastern Europe – results of research, statistics and legislation in force concerning situation of children. This page also consists of descriptions of activities undertaken in order to protect children’s rights.

EU increases education and protection support for children affected by conflict in eastern Ukraine

A new UNICEF project, funded by the European Union, will strengthen vital education and protection services for children caught in the on-going conflict in eastern Ukraine. UNICEF estimates that more than 200,000 children live inside the 30 km-wide 'buffer zone' stretched along the 'contact line' where armed hostilities occur every day. The project will provide almost 14,000 children living along that 'contact line' with life-skills training, improved access to education and psychosocial support.

Positive changes in Polish penal code in regard to crimes against children enter into force

New stricter law in Poland refers to penalties for the most serious crimes against children as well as the legal obligation for everyone to react and report, if he/she suspects, sees or knows about such crime. Till now such obligation was only a moral one.

„Children count 2017”. The newest report of the Empowering Children Foundation

The report is a current diagnosis of child safety and development in Poland, where live 7 million of children (people under the age of 18). In the 314 pages report there are not only collected the most up-to-date information on children issues and problems or recommendations, but also identified areas of ignorance that are results of the lack of systematic collection of data.

Say No! – an European campaign against online sexual coercion and extortion of children

On June 19, 2017 all EU Member States, as well as Norway, Switzerland and Europol launched an European campaign against online sexual coercion and extortion of children. The campaign aims to raise public awareness on the scale and threats of the phenomenon as well as the sensitivities of young people to such online crimes. It gives also information where victims can seek help and support.

World Day against Child Labour 2017

Every year, since 2002, June 12 is celebrated as the World Day against Child Labour. In 2017 International Labour Organization in its statement underlines the issue of children in areas affected by conflicts and disasters, and who are at particular risk of child labour.

New guide: Protecting Children from Online Sexual Exploitation, published by ECPAT International and Religions for Peace

The publication of the new Guide was supported by the UNICEF. It was launched at the 5th Forum of the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC) on May, 11, 2017. The Guide aims to help religious communities worldwide harness their strengths to prevent, respond to and end online child sexual exploitation.


Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights calls on Italy not to weaken the protection of children’s rights in the justice

The Commissioner Nils Muižnieks expresses concerns about the bill on the efficiency of civil judicial proceedings.

The European Commission issued a Communication on the protection of children in migration

On April 12, 2017 The European Commission issued a Communication on the protection of children in migration. It is the first of its kind which addresses the protection of all migrant children. The previous instruments were focused on certain categories of children (unaccompanied foreign minors, asylum seekers, etc.). The text explicitly mentions the vulnerability of unaccompanied foreign minors to exploitation and trafficking as well as the role guardians can play to prevent children falling prey to trafficking.

Parental trolling – first judgement in Poland

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It is the first case in Poland of bringing a child into ridicule in the Internet (parental trolling) that ended with judgement on April 9, 2017.