International supervision in Ukraine

20 professionals from social service centres for family, children and youth and from non-governamental organizations participated in the international supervision regarding communication and cooperation methods with parents on the issues of child abuse and neglect,  conducted by Marlena Trąbińska- Haduch from Nobody's Children Foundation. It took place  on 13th and 14th of December 2012 in Kiyev. 

Local trainings in Ukraine in 2012

Two local trainings for 51 professionals (social workers, psychologists, pedagogues from kindergartens, public and non-governamental institutions and organizations from different regions of Ukraine) took place in Ukraine on 23rd and 24th of November and on 7th- 8th of December 2012. Professionals were prepared to carry out workshops and seminars for parents based on the scenarios "Without a smack" developed by Nobody's Children Foundation.

Good parent - good start campaign in Ukraine

The campaign "Good Parent - Good Start" was launched in Ukraine on World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse (19th of November). It was addressed to general public with main focuss on parents of young children. Its main objective was to raise social awareness about young children's vulnerability and to promote positive parenting methods.

Dont lose! Campaign against commercial sexual exploitation in Poland and Ukraine

Commercial sexual exploitation of children means not only forced prostitution, but also undertaking sexual contacts with minors in exchange for money or gifts. It is a form of child abuse and a crime punished with imprisonment. Although teenagers offering or consenting to sex in exchange for gifts or money can look older than they are in reality, the adults are those responsible for abusing a child.

During big sport events children are more at risk of commercial sexual exploitation due to increased inflow of tourists, feeling of anonymity of offenders in a foreign country and organised crime activity.

Nobody's Children Foundation in Poland and Child Well- being Fund in Ukraine are running educational campaign on the issue of threats associated with commercial sexual exploitation faced by children and youth.