Words Hurt campaign in Ukraine

ā€˛Words Hurt for a Lifetime" campaign was launched with the 2-days training "Preventing Child Emotional Abuse" which was conducted by a psychologist of Nobody's Children Foundation (Poland), on the 22-23th March, 2013 in Kiev. The focus of the training was on the educational work with parents. 26 participants of the training represented 24 organizations from 14 different regions of Ukraine engaged in the campaign at regional and local level. The trained specialists then could be able to conduct during the campaign education meetings for nearly 450 parents. Partner organizations have also started training more specialists who work in the field of prevention of child emotional abuse, so they could use the Polish experience in their work with parents. In order to strengthen the campaign's influence many posters and leaflets were distributed with the help of partner organizations in 14 regions of Ukraine, the information about the campaign was highlighted on the Internet and in the local and regional newspapers as well as the radio spot was broadcasted on four regional radio stations. The articles for parents on early education and development of children could be found on the site of Online Resource Centre.
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