The report on Child-Friendly Interviewing Rooms in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine

The report on Presentation and Launch of Child-Friendly Interviewing Rooms in Western NIS/ Eastern EU Neighboring Region (Belarus, Moldova, The Ukraine) has been published in June 2011 by the International Center La Strada (Moldova).

Report on formal care and adoption of children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

United Nation Children's Fund report is about children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia who are deprived of parental care. Despite recent reforms, which have led to an increase in the number of children being placed in alternative families – for example with foster parents, guardians or adoptive parents the majority of these children are still living in institutions.

Resource center in the ukrainian language

The resource centre in the ukrainian language has been developed in the frame of the "Chidlhood without abuse" project by Child-Well Being Fund. It contains informational, educational, methodical and other resources for specialists, parents and for all who care about safe childhood.

Local trainings for professionals in the Ukraine

In November and December 2010 Child Well-Being Fund conducted two local trainings for specialists of services for children, centres of social services for family, youth and sport, psychologists and non-government representatives. The first one was devoted to the topic: Exposure of child abuse cases and the second one:  Interviewing the children-victims of crime.
Altogether 50 participants has been trained.