Bad touch campaign in Ukraine

The campaign „Bad touch"  in Ukraine was conducted by Child Well -Being Fund . The launching event was carried out on November 22nd 2011. It was included to the national plan of activities in the frame of 16 Days against Gender Violence.The start of the campaign was dedicated to the International Day for the Child Abuse Prevention.
In December 2011 in Lutsk of Volyn region there were conducted seminars aimed at raising awareness of educators focused on child sexual abuse, addressed to 26 psychologists of general schools and pre-school institutions, 28 social pedagogues and representatives of the Centre of practical psychology and social work.
In Simferopol of Autonomous Republic of Crimea the representative of non-government organization "Centre of Social Protection and Help" presented the campaign "Bad Touch" to the participants of the conference organized by the Ministry of Education of AR of Crimea on the psychological help for children-victims of sexual abuse. Children Support Center organized a press conference in a major Baltic News Agency ‘Baltic News Service".
One of the problems of low level of disclosure of child sexual abuse cases is a lack of raising awareness activities addressed to practitioners working with children. Experience from the campaign "Bad Touch" conduction shows that there is a need in Ukraine for enhancing specialists' skills in identifying children-victims of sexual abuse and providing appropriate help .

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