Good parent - good start campaign in Ukraine

The campaign "Good Parent - Good Start" was launched in Ukraine on World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse (19th of November). It was addressed to general public with main focuss on parents of young children. Its main objective was to raise social awareness about young children's vulnerability and to promote positive parenting methods.
The start of the campaign was announced through Ukrainian network against children commercial sexual exploitation, internet portals for public organizations and partner organizations.
The official letters with the information about the campaign were prepared and sent to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, Kyiv and Kirovohrad City Departments of Family and Youth Affairs. The campaign was included to the plan of activities of the yearly national campaign "16 Days against Gender Violence" in the frame of long-term campaign "Stop Violence!"
Public awareness activities are an important part of an overall approach to addressing child abuse and neglect. Such activities have the potential to reach diverse community audiences: parents and prospective parents; community members and professionals providing professional support for families.


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