Situation of young children in Poland

Children aged 0-3 years constitute 21% of all children population in Poland and more than 4% of the entire population of Poles. The "Young Children in Poland" report, therefore, describes the situation of every 25th citizen of our country. The purpose of the report is to present the major findings of these areas of Polish families functioning and of the support systems that have potential impact on the welfare of children, and thus on their physical, mental and social development.
The report focuses on the broadly understood risks for the optimal development of children - from the risks of the prenatal development period of the risk, to the risks for the safety, health and stimulation in early childhood. Diagnosis of the risks contributed to formulate recommendations for the social policy which understands and values the importance of the first years of life.

5th International Conference - Prevention of young children abuse

On 11th of May the 5th International Conference „ Prevention of young children abuse" took place in Warsaw Medical University. It was organized by Nobody's Children Foundation within „Childhood without abuse -towards a better child protection system in Eastern Europe" project financed by Oak Foundation and "Smack free home for every child" project financed by European Commission Daphne III.

Words hurt for life- first raising awareness campaign against verbal child abuse in Poland

Nobody's Children Foundation has just launched the social campaign against verbal child abuse "Words hurt for life" that will be carried out in April and May 2012 by the organizations affiliated to the National Partnership for Protection of Children from Violence. It is an attempt to increase parents' awareness on what is verbal violence, on its forms and possible consequences for a child

Protect me - I am small campaign has started in Latvia

Latvian organization „Center Against Abuse- Dardedze" has started a raising awareness campaign "Protect me - I am small" within the DAPHNE III project „Smack free for every Child" implemented by the Nobody's Children Foundation (Poland), Social Activities and Practices Institute (Bulgaria) , Children Support Centre (Lithuania) and other partners. It's also part of "Protect and defend the early childhood" and "Childhood without violence" project.

Protect me - I am small campaign has started in Lithuania

Children Support Center has started the raising awareness campaign titled „Protect me- I am small" Its goal is to protect young children from abuse through supporting their parents/caregivers in parenting without violence - by offering them free access to educational resources:brochures, leaflets, stickers and films. It is also targeted at professionals who work with small children.

Child Safety Online - Global challenges and strategies. A new report from UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre

Innocenti's new report, conducted in partnership with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) in the UK, discusses the nature and scale of sexual abuse and exploitation of children online. The report pinpoints key areas that are essential to create a safer environment for children on the Internet.

The report is available for download at

Childrens Rights and Business Principles launched

Children's rights took a step forward on March 12, 2012 with the London launch of the Children's Rights and Business Principles. On that day, UNICEF, The Global Compact and Save the Children gathered together a group of business professionals, children's rights advocates, and academics for a day-long programme of discussions and debates centred around the Principles, which aim to ensure that the business community not only respects, but also proactively supports children's rights.

The State of the Worlds Children 2012

The State of the World's Children 2012: Children in an Urban World examines the situation of children growing up in urban settings and finds that denials of children's rights to survival, health, nutrition, education and protection are widespread. It sheds light on the scale of these urban inequities and suggests ways to ensure that urban childhoods are safe, healthy, participatory and fulfilling.

Prevention of corporal punishment of children between 0-3 years

The SAPI published in Bulgaria the expertise "Prevention of corporal punishment of children between 0-3 years". It defines the corporal punishment, describes its consequences, highlights the profile of the parents who commits violence against their children and presents the demographic situation and statistics for Bulgaria as well as public attitude towards this problem.

How to protect children from sexual abuse

The brochure „ How to protect children from sexual abuse" was published in Bulgarian by SAPI in the framework of Childhood without Abuse Project. It is addressed to parents, caregivers and professionals. It explains why it is necessary to know more about the phenomenon and defines who is the perpetrator of sexual abuse.