Bad touch campaign in Bulgaria

The "Bad touch"campaign was conducted in Bulgaria by Social Activities and Practices Institute between November and December 2011. During the press conference that launched the campaign and took place on November 22nd 2011 in Sofia there were presented the results of the research on sexual abuse and prevention of sexual abuse, as well as on support for the victims and their parents.
On the same day the campaign was also presented in the municipality of Shoumen and the broadcasting of the TV and radio spots started on the media that have coverage in the whole country. 

Bad touch campaign in Moldova

On November 22nd 2011 the National Centre for Child Abuse Prevention launched in Moldova the "Bad touch" campaign aimed at preventing and combating the child sexual abuse. The event took place at the premises of Press Agency "Info-Prim" and was broadcasted by 5 national TV channels, 2 radio stations, 2 national newspapers and 13 news web sites.
The main media partner of this campaign is the National Public Broadcasting (IPNA) "Teleradio-Moldova" which launched the audio and video spots within the campaign.

Bad touch campaign in Ukraine

The campaign „Bad touch" in Ukraine was conducted by Child Well -Being Fund . The launching event was carried out on November 22nd 2011. It was included to the national plan of activities in the frame of 16 Days against Gender Violence.The start of the campaign was dedicated to the International Day for the Child Abuse Prevention.

Call for papers

Foundation Madara-Bulgaria is announcing International Forum SCHOOL DROPOUT: In Search for the right approach to take place on 29th -31st August 2012 in Sofia . It is addressed to principals of schools, class-teachers, social support agencies, NGOs working with abused and neglected children and other stakeholders interested in the support of children in danger of school dropout from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania.

Bad touch campaign in Lithuania

The campaign "Bad touch" was held in Lithuania between November 17th 2011 and January 22nd 2012. Children Support Center organized a press conference in a major Baltic News Agency ‘Baltic News Service". The participants of the press conference were opinion leaders: Ombudsperson for Children's Rights of the Republic of Lithuania Ms Edita Ziobiene, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mr Dalius Bitaitis, Deputy Minister of Justice Mr Tomas Vaitkevicius, adolescent psychiatrist Mr Linas Slušnys, and Director of the Children Support Center Ms Aušra Kurienė.

Bad touch campaign in Latvia

The campaign "Bad touch"  was held in Latvia between 03.10.2011 and 24.11.2011. The launching event was held on the 3rd of October 2011 in the premises of the Center "Dardedze". The partners of the campaign were: Ministry of Welfare who provided informative support and 7 regional crises centers providing services to abused children from Balvi, Dobele, Valmiera, Talsi, Zante, Allaži and Ventspils who organized local network discussions, communicated with local media, distributed materials and contributed to the success of the campaign in great deal.The campaign was conducted in both Latvian and Russian languages which helped to reach larger population of Latvia.

Implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child for children with intellectual disabilities

This publication provides an overview of the situation of children with intellectual disabilities in twenty two European countries, with a particular focus on five areas: protection against abuse, family support and (de-)institutionalisation, health, education, and participation of children.

Reports of the implementation of UN Convention of the Rights of a Child for children with intellectual disabilities

The national reports concerning the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child for children with intellectual disabilities can be downloaded here.

Campaign against CSEC in Poland

Awareness- raising and educational campaign "Don't lose!" aimed at preventing risks of commercial sexual exploitation of children, child pornography and child trafficking for sexual purposes before and during European Football Cup 2012 football games, will be conducted in Poland and Ukraine. Training scenarios will be implemented in educational and care institutions in Poland and Ukraine. Awareness raising leaflets and brochures, used during European Football Cup 2012, will be distributed in Poland and Ukraine with the support of wide network of partners (including hotels, airports etc.).

Sexual violence against children with disabilities

Save the Children and Handicap International jointly released a report that aims to bring sexual violence against children with disabilities out of the shadows. The report highlights that this vulnerable group of children suffer sexual abuse at the hands of perpetrators who operate with almost total impunity, and that almost as shocking as the abuse itself is the fact that so little is known about it. The report seeks to make this issue more visible and to challenge governments and communities, including the international community, to tackle it head-on.