Childrens Rights and Business Principles launched

Children's rights took a step forward on March 12, 2012 with the London launch of the Children's Rights and Business Principles. On that day, UNICEF, The Global Compact and Save the Children gathered together a group of business professionals, children's rights advocates, and academics for a day-long programme of discussions and debates centred around the Principles, which aim to ensure that the business community not only respects, but also proactively supports children's rights.

The State of the Worlds Children 2012

The State of the World's Children 2012: Children in an Urban World examines the situation of children growing up in urban settings and finds that denials of children's rights to survival, health, nutrition, education and protection are widespread. It sheds light on the scale of these urban inequities and suggests ways to ensure that urban childhoods are safe, healthy, participatory and fulfilling.

Prevention of corporal punishment of children between 0-3 years

The SAPI published in Bulgaria the expertise "Prevention of corporal punishment of children between 0-3 years". It defines the corporal punishment, describes its consequences, highlights the profile of the parents who commits violence against their children and presents the demographic situation and statistics for Bulgaria as well as public attitude towards this problem.

How to protect children from sexual abuse

The brochure „ How to protect children from sexual abuse" was published in Bulgarian by SAPI in the framework of Childhood without Abuse Project. It is addressed to parents, caregivers and professionals. It explains why it is necessary to know more about the phenomenon and defines who is the perpetrator of sexual abuse.

Helping children- victims of sexual abuse

The brochure „Helping children- victims of sexual abuse" published in Bulgarian by SAPI in the framework of Childhood without Abuse Project is addressed to pedagogues and teachers.It provides the information about the identification of sexual abuse, describes how to speak with the child as well as with the parent and also explains the role and the procedures of involved institutions.

Selected tools and techniques for therapy of child-victims of sexual abuse

The Vasa tool box "Selected tools and techniques for therapy of child-victims of sexual abuse" by Bengt Söderström was translated and published in Latvia by the Center Against Abuse „Dardedze" in the framework of the „Childhood against abuse" project. It was elaborated by the specialist from Vasa therapy centre.

Child Sexual Abuse: causes, consequences and prevention

Child Well-Being Fund published in Ucranian the brochure "Child Sexual Abuse: causes, consequences and prevention" addressed to professionals. It develops the understanding of the phenomenon of child sexual abuse and presents the types of commercial sexual exploitation of children. It also provides the professionals with recommendations for action in case of sexual abuse disclosure.


Bad touch campaign in Bulgaria

The "Bad touch"campaign was conducted in Bulgaria by Social Activities and Practices Institute between November and December 2011. During the press conference that launched the campaign and took place on November 22nd 2011 in Sofia there were presented the results of the research on sexual abuse and prevention of sexual abuse, as well as on support for the victims and their parents.
On the same day the campaign was also presented in the municipality of Shoumen and the broadcasting of the TV and radio spots started on the media that have coverage in the whole country. 

Bad touch campaign in Moldova

On November 22nd 2011 the National Centre for Child Abuse Prevention launched in Moldova the "Bad touch" campaign aimed at preventing and combating the child sexual abuse. The event took place at the premises of Press Agency "Info-Prim" and was broadcasted by 5 national TV channels, 2 radio stations, 2 national newspapers and 13 news web sites.
The main media partner of this campaign is the National Public Broadcasting (IPNA) "Teleradio-Moldova" which launched the audio and video spots within the campaign.

Bad touch campaign in Ukraine

The campaign „Bad touch" in Ukraine was conducted by Child Well -Being Fund . The launching event was carried out on November 22nd 2011. It was included to the national plan of activities in the frame of 16 Days against Gender Violence.The start of the campaign was dedicated to the International Day for the Child Abuse Prevention.