Words hurt for life- first raising awareness campaign against verbal child abuse in Poland

Nobody's Children Foundation has just launched the social campaign against verbal child abuse "Words hurt for life" that will be carried out in April and May 2012 by the organizations affiliated to the National Partnership for Protection of Children from Violence. It is an attempt to increase parents' awareness on what is verbal violence, on its forms and possible consequences for a child

Parents say bad, offensive, hurtful words as if not thinking, without weighing their significance and no reflection on their consequences. Sometimes they only release parental anger, sometimes carrying a false educational message aiming at consolidating information on its unacceptable behaviour in the child's mind.
The victims of emotional violence are children growing up in the families in which shouting, rough language; disrespect for another human being is a usual way of everyday functioning. The same experience is not unknown by the children in the families in which words are chosen carefully, the humiliation is a part of an educational method, and emotional coldness is seen as a virtue.
A child who hears that is a bad person, slowly, invisibly becomes a bad person. A child who hears that he/she is worth nothing, starts to feel this way. Emotional abuse can ruin a child's psyche for life, can be a cause of a suicide, psychosomatic illness, addictions, difficulties in building relations with another person and achieving professional satisfaction.


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