Protect me - I am small campaign has started in Lithuania

Children Support Center has started the raising awareness campaign titled „Protect me- I am small" Its goal is to protect young children from abuse through supporting their parents/caregivers in parenting without violence - by offering them free access to educational resources:brochures, leaflets, stickers and films. It is also targeted at professionals who work with small children.
The social campaign "Protect me - I am small" is part of the DAPHNE III project „Smack free for every Child" implemented by the Nobody's Children Foundation (Poland), Social Activities and Practices Institute (Bulgaria), Center Dardedze (Latvia), Children Support Centre (Lithuania) and other partners. It's also part of "Protect and defend the early childhood" and "Childhood without violence" project.
„Protect me I am small" is based on „Good parent- good start" campaign carried out by the Nobody's Children Foundation from Poland in 2009.


Children of age 0-3 are the most vulnerable and totally dependent on their parents, caregivers and other adults. This period is a very important stage for child's development. According to research, positive and strong relations with parents give the child a greater opportunity to grow up safely. Therefore, it is important to develop understanding that when we raise children, we should encourage and motive them without using violence.
More information on the campaign:

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