Social campaign against corporal punishment in Latvia

Bad tradition
Bad tradition
On 4th of April Latvian Center Dardedze started the campaign called "Bad tradition" developed and conducted last year in Poland. Its aim is to raise awareness of parents and professionals in the field of child abuse prevention and to encourage the witnesses of abuse and violence to intervention.

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Local supervisions in Latvia

42 professionals participated in two local supervisions on 4th - 5th of December and 18th - 19th of December 2012 in Lithuania.The first supervision was dedicated to  discussing the cases of phisical and emotional abuse of children, sharing the most difficult and challenging cases and supervising the intervention aproaches.  During the second supervision the cases of child sexual abuse were discussed.

International supervision in Latvia

33 psychologists and social workers participated in the international supervision carried out by Mimi Strange and Anders Kirstein Jensen from Denmark on 27th of November 2012. The meeting was dedicated to children with sexual behaviour problems and adolescents with harmful behaviour. Most of the participants stated that this supervision will help them in their practiacal work with children and young people with sexually harmful behaviour. 

Local trainings in Latvia in 2012

Two local trainings titled „Without a smack? How to set boundaries for children with love and respect" were carried out in Latvia on 20th and 21st of August and on 17th and 24th of October 2012. The trainings were based on the scenarios developed by Nobody's Children Foundation and targeted at professionals conducting seminars and workshops for parents.