Local trainings in Latvia in 2012

Two local trainings titled ā€˛Without a smack? How to set boundaries for children with love and respect" were carried out in Latvia on 20th and 21st of August and on 17th and 24th of October 2012. The trainings were based on the scenarios developed by Nobody's Children Foundation and targeted at professionals conducting seminars and workshops for parents. 42 of the participants marked this workshop as very useful, 5 of the participants marked as partially useful. Participants were thrilled about the presented tool. They stated that the workshop scenario is very practical and easy to apply in their work with groups of parents. They appreciated the topics included in the training and manual, as well as the format of the training. 6 of the training participants stated that it shifted their own ideas about punishing of children and helped to stabilize the perspective of no hitting and smacking children, as well as the assurance of how to explain it to parents. Most of the participants felt prepared to conduct the training for parents based on the scenario "Without a smack".

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