Local supervision in Latvia

On April 8th and 9th 2011 Dardedze held the local supervision in the frame of the "Childhood without abuse" project for 30 participants from Child Care Institutions (directors, social workers and care workers). The supervision was led by Laila Balode who did the research on the topic of Resilience and during the supervision introduced the participants with the results of her research and discussed the possibilities of introducing Resilience approach in Child Care Institutions in Latvia.

Resource center in latvian language

The resource centre in the latvian language has been developed in the frame of the "Chidlhood without abuse" project by Center Against Abuse "Dardedze". It contains materials to such topics as: child abuse, risk factors, signs and symptoms of child abuse, interviewing children-victims of crime, psychological assessment and diagnostic work in cases of child abuse, agencies, organizations and institutions involved in child protection network, services to abused children - hotline, legal counseling, services of social/psychological assistance and rehabilitations, training programs for professionals involved in working with abused children

Local trainings for professionals in Latvia

In November 2010 two trainings organized by Dardedze took place in Latvia. One was directed towards the prosecutors, who were trained about the problem of child abuse as well as the child-friendly interviewing and the second one, for psychologists and social workers, was devoted to the topic "Specific challenges providing rehabilitation services to abused children". Altogether 54 professionals has been trained.

The campaign Your Honour I have the right not to be scared in Latvia

The launching event of the campaign "Your Honour I have the right not to be scared" was held on the 26th of October 2010 and took place in the center "Dardedze". The partners of the campaign were: State police, General Prosecution Office, Ministry of Justice and Children's Rights Protection Inspectorate.