Protect me- I am small campaign in Latvia

The campaign „Protect me - I am small" was carried out between 12th April and 31th May. On 12th of April the press conference to open the social campaign, as well as to present the findings of the report "Evaluation of Young Children Rights Protection System" was held. Minister of Health and Minister of Welfare agreed to take part in the press conference and give their comment about the findings of the research regarding the existing problems in young children rights protection system, as well as the campaign. The press conference was attended by leading TV stations, as well as news agencies, some newspapers and radio channel.

Situation of young children in Latvia

Latvian Centre "Dardedze" has published a report on situation of young children in their country.

Protect me- I am small: omnibus survey results

Research report on the awareness and necesity of the campaign „Protect me- I am small" has been published by Lithuanian „Children Support Centre" and Latvian „ Center against Abuse: Dardedze" .

Protect me- I am small

SAPI, "Centre Dardedze" and Children Support Centre have published leaflets and posters within "Protect me -I am small campaign" carried out in the framework of "Child without abuse" project.