Attitude towards campaign Childhood without Violence in Latvia

Valuation of the campaign.
Valuation of the campaign.
This report presents the results of a survey carried out on Latvian inhabitants in January 2007 by market and public opinion research centre SKDS. It shows the survey data concerning both awareness and valuation of the campaign "Childhood without violence". The respondents were asked to characterize what mass media information or events have they noticed and how they valuate the necessity of the campaign. The complete data is presented in the document below.

Net-Safe Project

Net-Safe Project in Latvia
Net-Safe Project in Latvia
The Net-Safe Project started on the 1st of September 2006 and will last till 31st 2008. The main objective of the Net-Safe Project is to facilitate safer use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). To achieve this, it is important that society, public bodies, industry and internet service providers (ISP) collaborate on improving internet in terms of quality and safety.

Expertise: On guaranteeing the rights of the minor in a criminal procedure in Latvia

This expertise presents legal regulations regarding cases of child abuse and the standards of protecting children involved in criminal procedures in Latvia.

Research - The Problem of Child Abuse: Attitudes and Experiences in Seven Countries of Central and Eastern Europe

The studies were conducted in 2005/2006 in seven Eastern European countries: Bulgaria,
Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, and Ukraine.
Report was prepared by Monika Sajkowska, PhD (Nobody`s Children Foundation, Warsaw University, Institute of Applied Social Science)