Abused Child Quarterly on Resilience


The new edition of NCF' s quarterly publication „Abused Child. Theory, reserch and pracitice" has been just issued. Its main topic is resilience. The authors try to explain why some children in spite of their adverse experiences and bad conditions for development adapt positively and their development is not disturbed.

 The following articles can be found in present edition:
1. Factors and processes of resilience in abused children- Anna Borucka, Krzysztof Ostaszewski
2. Theoretical and empirical background for reinforcing resilience in children from alcoholic families- Wioletta Junik
3. Finding protective factors shielding young people at risk- Anna Rustecka Krawczyk
4. Resilience in the family - outcomes of workshops for students of Warsaw's lower secondary schools- Agnieszka Pisarska, Krzysztof Ostaszewski
5. Predicting resilience in sexually abused adolescents- Jawonda Williams, Debra Nelson Gardell
6. Children's resilience program-working with communities in crisis- Dorota Gajewska




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