9th Conference Helping Children - Victims of Crime

On 22nd and 23rd of October took place the 9th International Conference ā€˛Helping Children-Victims of Crime" organized by Nobody's Children Foundation, the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Social Policy of Warsaw's City Hall.
Conference sessions revolved around helping children exposed to violence and abuse, as well as protecting the rights of children involved in legal proceedings. Domestic and international experts spoke about systemic solutions for preventing crimes against children; they also discussed methods, projects and initiatives offering practical assistance to children-victims of crime and their families.
Conference proceedings took the form of plenary sessions, expert's lectures, discussion panels, paper presentations and workshops. Invited speakers include international experts - such as Prof. Thomas Lyon, Dr Christopher Bools, Jenny Gray, Prof. Jan Horwath, Dr Richard Wilson, prof. Peter Andriaenssens.
The conference was attended by over 500 professionals from Poland and abroad working with children and their families, including: judges, public prosecutors, physicians, social workers, curators, police officers, nurses and midwives, teachers, NGO employees, representatives of ministries and local government, as well as academics and researchers.

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