Abuse has not to be a tradition- International Day on Prevention of Child Abuse


Bad tradition
Bad tradition
My father used to spank me and look how I turned out a good person", „One smack doesn't cause much damage" . That is what the professionals convincing parents to non violent parenting hear. The aim of the campaign is to change such believes.

International Day on Prevention of Child Abuse established on 19th of November is to be a moment of reflexion on how the youngest ones are protected from abuse. The fight against child abuse should be a responsability of the entire society. Equally important is to raise awareness of parents and professionals in the field of child abuse prevention and to encourage the witnesses of abuse and violence to intervention.

Most parents who use violence upbringing children were treated the same way in their childhood. Smacking, slaping, pushing or spanking are the methods that seem natural and harmless to them. They think that previous generations couldnt' have been wrong. The campaign „Bad tradition" draw parents attention to the fact that the old methods of punishment (such as spanking and shouting) do harm children and must be changed. The campaign shall transmit the clear message that the world has changed. Beating is ilegal because the child should be treated like average adult citizen and his right to corporal integrity shall be respected.

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