International supervision in Ukraine

On 17th December 2008 Child Well-Being Fund organized supervision with international expert, Ausra Kuriene, director of Children Support Centre in Vilnius.

Participants represented Kiev Podil State Social Services, Kiev Svyatoshino State Social Services, Kiev Obolon State Social Services, Kiev Darnytsa Child Affairs Service, Child Well-Being Fund Ukraine and Charitable Fund "Social Service Vifaniya".

Supervision for journalists in Moldova

In December 2008 a supervision for journalists specialized in covering social issues was organized by National Center for Child Abuse Prevention. The topic of the supervision was how the issue of violence against children was covered in the media from the viewpoint of multidisciplinary approach.

Aurelia Guzun, national expert in communication, was invited as expert.

Local supervisions in Bulgaria

First supervision conducted in 2008 in Bulgaria by Social Activities and Practices Institute (19 November) gathered educators, social workers and therapists representing among others Community Support Centre and Child Protection Unit. During the supervision three child abuse cases from the practice of Community Support Centre were analyzed with emphasis put on effective interdisciplinary cooperation aiming for rehabilitation of children victims of violence.

Supervision by an international expert in Moldova

On the 17th of December 2007 Maria Keller-Hamela, an international expert in psychology, conducted a supervision in Chisinau, Moldova. As the year 2007 was devoted to the specific situation of child victims of crime who participate in legal procedures, the meeting covered the following aspects: