Local supervisions in the Ukraine

On November 22-23 and on  December 12-13 2011 two local supervisions took place in the frame of the “Childhood without abuse” project. The theme of the first supervision was „Providing psychological assistance to children-victims of sexual abuse”, whereas the second one:  “Informational and communication technologies and the problem of child sexual abuse”. Altogether almost 50 professionals from Centers of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth of Kiev city, NGOs as well as social pedagogues, psychologists were supervised.

International Supervision in the Ukraine

On the 21st of November the international supervision was conducted with Magdalena Zawadzka from Nobody's Children Foundation (Poland) on the topic “Diagnosis, intervention and psychological support in cases of children sexual abuse”. 28 specialists from polish state organizations working in prevention of abuse and neglect took part in the supervision.

International supervision in Poland

Ingrid Lenth, Associate Professor from Department of Psychology from the University of Copenhagen  hold an international supervision for 26 professionals working directly with children on “Cognitive therapy- anxiety disorders among children” on 3rd December 2011.

International supervision in Moldova

On 10th November 2011, Alicja Budzyńska, expert from the Nobody's Children Foundation (Poland) held an international supervision for Moldovan psychologists working with abused children on "Psychological evaluation of children victims / witnesses of abuse and the role of evaluation reports in legal proceedings" in the frame of the Childhood Without Abuse project.