Local supervision in Latvia

On April 8th and 9th 2011 Dardedze held the local supervision in the frame of the "Childhood without abuse" project for 30 participants from Child Care Institutions (directors, social workers and care workers). The supervision was led by Laila Balode who did the research on the topic of Resilience and during the supervision introduced the participants with the results of her research and discussed the possibilities of introducing Resilience approach in Child Care Institutions in Latvia.

International supervision in Lithuania

On 4-5th of February 2011 Alicja Budzynska, psychologist from the Nobody's Children Foundation (Poland) held internation supervision for Lithuania's psychologists working with children -victims of sexual abuse. The topic was the clinical evaluation of children in cases of sexual abuse. In the supervision participated 22 lithuanian psychologists.

International supervision in the Ukraine

In December 2010 international supervision took place in the Ukraine. Two experts from Belarus- Andrey Makhanko, executive director of international non-government organization “Ponimanie” and Liudmila Mun, psychologist of government service of medical court were sharing their knowledge on the effective methods of interviewing children-victims of crime.

International supervision in Latvia

The international supervision took place on December 15/16th 2010 with Brenda Molloy from Ireland (the programme "Community mothers"), who shared her experiences of engaging volunteers in supporting families with young babies in order to reduce the risk of child abuse in such families.