Supervision by an international expert in Ukraine

On the 20th of December 2007 supervision with an international expert, Jolanta Zmarzlik, took place in Kiev. During the meeting Ms. Zmarzlik told the participants about the process of changing Polish legislation concerning interrogation of minors and about creating child friendly interviewing rooms in Poland. Afterwards the participants had the opportunity to discuss with Ms.

International expert conducts the supervision in Skopje

In January 2008 Maria Keller-Hamela conducted a supervision in Skopje, Macedonia. As the meeting was devoted to interviewing children witnesses and victims of crime, the participants were discussing cases and exchanging experiences concerning this issue.




Local supervisions in Macedonia

The local supervisions in Macedonia were based on the case presentations.

Supervision by an international expert in Macedonia

The supervision by international expert was conducted on the 1st of December 2006 by prof. dr. Veronika Ispanovic, child psychiatrist and psychotherapist, professor at the university of Belgrade and leading internationally recognized professional in this field in Serbia. On the Conference in York she was invited lecturer at the Developing Country Forum, the leader of working group working on designing protocols for children victims of abuse.