International supervision in Ukraine

20 professionals from social service centres for family, children and youth and from non-governamental organizations participated in the international supervision regarding communication and cooperation methods with parents on the issues of child abuse and neglect,  conducted by Marlena Trąbińska- Haduch from Nobody's Children Foundation. It took place  on 13th and 14th of December 2012 in Kiyev. 

Local supervisions in Lithuania

30 teachers participated in two local supervisions which took place on 24th of May and 27th of September 2012 in Lithuania. The main objective was to discuss cases of children with emotional and behavioural difficulties as well as the methods of comunication and cooperation with parents in the field of upbringing children without violence. 

International supervision in Lithuania

Children Support Centre organized one day international supervision regarding emotional abuse, evaluation of parenting skills and strategy for interventions with profesor Danya Glaser on 6th of June 2012.  In the meeting participated 15 psychologists, child psychiatrists and child psychotherapists. It was evaluated as extremely useful and inspiring. Received materials were used in further training and local supervision sessions. 

Local supervision in Moldova

The local supervision took place in Moldova in November 2011. The participants were 22 psychologists. The expert was Viorica Adascalita,  from NCCAP. The subject was the psychological evaluation of child victims; several case studies from the practice of expert were brought up for discussion. In small groups, psychologists got involved in a practical exercise to develop a battery of tests, which can be used to diagnose cases of family problems (divorce, deprivation of parental rights, etc.) and cases of sexual abuse. The psychological, ethical and legal aspects in the context of psychodiagnosis of sexually abused children were also discussed.