Child Trafficking

Trafficking in Persons Report 2011

The U.S. State Department released the eleventh annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report on June 27, 2011. Analyzing 184 governments' work in combating slavery, the Report is both the most comprehensive literature on the subject and an important strategic tool for US diplomatic efforts at increasing international efforts.

Publication on commercial exploitation of children

The NCF quarterly no. 33 "Abused Child. Theory, Research and Practice" is devoted to the topic of commercial exploitation of children. The articles focus on exploitation of children in prostitution and child-trafiicking as well as practice of NGOs working with children at risk and child-victims of trafficking..  


Publication on child abuse prevention in Poland

A new volume of the NCF quarterly "Abused Child. Theory, Research and Practice" devoted to the topic "Prevention of child abuse" has been published in the end of May. The volume contains articles on preventive programmes about child trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and cyberbullying.

Report on Vulnerability to Exploitation and Trafficking of Bulgarian Children and Adolescents in Greece

The immediate objective of this research is to give an indicative as well as detailed picture of the extent and specific dimensions of the phenomenon of child begging in Greece, particularly of children and families from Bulgaria. This group has increased rapidly in recent years, particularly in Northern Greece, with Thessaloniki - where the research was mostly carried out - as a main destination. The data gathering exercise lasted a month and through social work on the street and interviews with relevant services, providing thereby relevant information.