Report on Tackling the Demand that forces Human Trafficking

Despite the importance of reducing demand to combat trafficking in persons, there is a dearth of information about good practices in demand reduction, and few such programs have been evaluated. The Europe and Eurasia region has recorded an increase in incidences of trafficking into and within the region, demonstrating a demand for trafficked labour and services from both beyond and within the region. In spite of this, demand reduction efforts have been few and far between.

Good practices that can be emulated in designing demand reduction programs are not well-known and there is a sense that programming to address demand may not be effective. USAID commissioned this report to increase its Missions' awareness of good practices in tackling demand, and to provide them with concrete ideas and tools to introduce demand reduction activities into anti-TIP and other relevant programming. This report analyses the demand for trafficked persons - including children, reviews interventions designed to reduce demand, and provides recommendations for programming in the E&E region.
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