Child Trafficking

New anti-human trafficking website

European Commission has launched its anti-human trafficking website on December 21, 2010. The website will promote national information pages with factual information on legislation, action plans, coordination, assistance to victims, etc. The website was launched in conjunction to the approved Trafficking Directive.

Educational games on trafficking prevention in the Ukraine

Child Well-Being Fund Ukraine developed two educational games on trafficking prevention for children.

New report: Baltic Sea Region Information Management to Prevent Trafficking

The Expert Group for Cooperation on Children at risk, EGCC, within the Council of the Baltic Sea States in cooperation with Save the Children Denmark, Tartu Child Support Centre in Estonia and Caritas in Lithuania has issued the report on how information on children victims of trafficking or at risk of becoming victims of trafficking is managed in the CBSS countries.

IOM Campaign against Trafficking

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) presented the "Buy Responsibly" Campaign in Vienna on Friday, 15th October, to coincide with EU Anti-Trafficking Day proceedings. By urging consumers to change their behaviour and find out "What's behind the things we buy", the "Buy Responsibly" Campaign draws public attention to the vital role consumers can play in combating human trafficking.This campaign addresses a gap in global counter-trafficking efforts which have until now, mainly focused on prevention and post-rescue assistance in source countries with little work being done to tackle the equally critical demand side, fuelled by consumer purchases.