A handbook on methods to protect children on the move

This handbook is designed to help organisations which already have experience of trying to protect children from exploitation or other forms of abuse to assess whether they are using the most appropriate methods. This means, reviewing the methods you use to prevent children being exploited or abused; and finding out whether a more detailed understanding of the experience of a particular category of children - children on the move - helps you identify alternative or additional ways to protect such children and to enable them to turn their hopes and ambitions into reality.

The handbook should also be helpful to any others who want to get a better understanding of the phrase ‘children on the move' and in what way organisations dedicated to protecting children and upholding children's human rights can make a useful contribution to ensuring that children have a good outcome when they move, either alone or with other members of their family.
The initial chapters of the handbook contain background information and definitions about children on the move, prevention, trafficking and exploitation. The chapters end either with a list of questions to discuss or an exercise to carry out that is intended to help you explore the ideas presented in the chapter

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