Meeting of National Contact Points in the Baltic Sea Region

It was the 4th meeting of National Contact Points that took place in Warsaw from 8th to 9th of May 2007. It was organized by the Council of the Baltic Sea States and was held on the premises of Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration. The meeting provided an excellent opportunity for continuation of the discussion on issues such as unaccompanied and trafficked children in the Baltic Sea region, or mapping cases of trafficking in children.

Report from the conference: Focus on Children in Migration - From a European Research and Method Perspective

In March 2007 a two-day conference "Focus on Children in Migration - From a European Research and Method Perspective" was held in Warsaw. The conference, as well as the joint UNHCR - NGO Network meeting, was organized by Save the Children Sweden, Separated Children in Europe Network and the European Network of Masters in Children's Rights.

Child in the Web campaign in Poland

The Child in the Web social campaign was launched in Poland in February 2004 by the Nobody's Children Foundation.




The media part of the campaign was carried out under the slogan: "You never know who is on the other side".




Programme for child-friendly interviewing of unaccompanied alien children

The Programme has been carried out by the Nobody's Children Foundation since 2004. The main aim of its implementation is to provide unaccompanied alien children with adequate services, protecting them from experiencing further trauma which could occur as a result of faultily conducted interviews being a part of legal procedures.