The problem of child trafficking in Poland and in the world

As an element of the campaign "Children are not for sale", conducted by the Nobody's Children Foundation since 2005, a publication was developed, targeted at professionals and people involved in child trafficking prevention, titled Problem handlu dziećmi - w Polsce i na świecie (The problem of child trafficking in Poland and in the world).

Safer Internet Programme Report

This report presents the major efforts and activities performed in the years 2005-2006 within the Safer Internet programme in Poland.

The full version of the report is available to download below.

Safer Internet programme in Poland

Safer Internet Polska
Safer Internet Polska
Since the 1st of October 2006 Consortium Awareness together with Dyzurnet.pl Team (Hotline qualified to receiving and reacting to notifications relating to the occurrence of illegal contents on the Internet under Polish law) run one project - SAFERINTERNET.PL - within the European Commission' programme Safer Internet Plus 2007- 2008.

Safer Internet trainings and conferences

"Safer Internet" conference in Łódź
"Safer Internet" conference in Łódź
The major goals of the Awareness programme in Poland involve publicizing the problem of Internet threats and improving the competence of professionals who work with children or deal with Internet offending.