Child in the Web campaign in Poland

The Child in the Web social campaign was launched in Poland in February 2004 by the Nobody's Children Foundation.




The media part of the campaign was carried out under the slogan: "You never know who is on the other side".









Class scenarios on Internet Safety
Class scenarios on Internet Safety
In 2005 the campaign focused on educational activities conducted by teachers and volunteers among elementary and secondary school students across Poland. For campaign purposes class scenarios on Internet safety were created, drawing on the storyline of the educational Web project for children By the end of 2006 the organizers of the campaign distributed more than 4260 class scenarios. Moreover, the campaign involved the development and printing of high-circulation educational materials for children and parents. They were distributed among all the participants in the educational programmes and events organized within the campaign.


The project was also supported by hip-hop artists, who in 2005 recorded two pieces promoting the principles of safe Internet use: Sieciaki (Numer RAZ, DJ Zero) and Do you like Internet? (Arty, S.A.J.A., Kolso), which were broadcasted by several local and nationwide radio stations. In August and September 2005 a music video recorded for Sieciaki was broadcasted by TV stations: TVP1, TVP3, Jetix, and Jetix Play.


In September 2006 the second stage of the Child in the Web media campaign was launched under the slogan: "Internet is a window on the world. The whole world". The main goal of this part of the campaign was to draw adults' attention to dangerous content children may be exposed to when using the Internet on their own (pornography, drastic scenes, xenophobia, racism, etc.).






Apart from messages targeted at adults, concerning children's exposure to dangerous content on the Internet, advertisements for children were developed within the campaign. The slogan: "Give safe answers to dangerous questions" was supposed to remind children about the safety rules in online interactions.


The following advertisements were created within the campaign: three TV ads, two radio spots, a press ad (three designs) and a citylight. The campaign was joined by 8 TV stations (including all the channels of the public TV), 22 radio stations, and 16 newspapers and magazines. The citylight was displayed in Warsaw, Cracow, Łódź, Poznań, and Toruń. One of the radio spots - warning against racist content present on the Internet - won a prestigious award in the „social advertising" category of the "Golden Eagles" National Advertising Festival. The advertisements were displayed in the media till the end of 2006.

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