Respect works out!

"Respect works out!" is a European project coordinated by the German organisation Association for a New Education (ANE) in partnership with NSPCC in the UK and the Nobody's Children Foundation in Poland, financed by the EU in the frame of Daphne programme.

Respect works out! project publications

Publications developed in the frame of the "Respect works out!" project are already available. They aim to help parents to understand children's behaviour better and provides useful advice on how to avoid situations getting out of control.

Interdisciplinary help for child victims of crime, abuse and neglect

No. 23/2008 of the periodical "Abused Child. Theory, Research and Practice" published by the Nobody's Children Foundation was dedicated to the problem of systemic help for abused children, which is also the leading theme for the current year's Childhood Without Abuse Project activities.

Coalition for child-friendly interviewing in Bulgaria and Poland

One of partner organisations in Childhood without Abuse Project - Social Activities and Practices Institute from Bulgaria - decided to become more involved in tackling the problem of children taking part in legal procedures.To increase cooperation between the Bulgarian organisation and the Nobody's Children Foundation from Poland, a new initiative - "Coalition for child-friendly interviewing" Project - was taken up.

Goals of the new project are: