Child and Internet

Child in the Web campaign in Poland

The Child in the Web social campaign was launched in Poland in February 2004 by the Nobody's Children Foundation.




The media part of the campaign was carried out under the slogan: "You never know who is on the other side".




Sieciaki is an innovative educational project run by the Nobody's Children Foundation that was launched on Safer Internet Day 2005.

The project comprises two major elements: a website and a desktop application to be installed on registered users' PCs. Additionally, the project involved meetings with children, open-air events, concerts, and educational sessions. Films, songs, and multimedia materials have been prepared as well.

SIC Project

SIC Project in Hungary
SIC Project in Hungary
SIC Project started on the 1st of May 2005 and lasted till 30th of April 2007. SIC is integrating experience from past actions in Hungary and EU best practice. The general problem of internet usage in Hungary is the lack of trust and knowledge.

Therefore the consortium’s strategy is built on a twofold approach:

CZESICON: CZEch Safer Internet COmbined Node

Safer Internet in Czech Republic
Safer Internet in Czech Republic
The first safer internet awareness node in the Czech Republic (Project CzeSI) was officially launched on 1st September 2005. In 2006 following the recommendation of the EC, we decided to stop the CzeSI project and implement the foreseen activities through the new combined CZEch Safer Internet COmbined Node (CZESICON).