SIC Project

SIC Project in Hungary
SIC Project in Hungary
SIC Project started on the 1st of May 2005 and lasted till 30th of April 2007. SIC is integrating experience from past actions in Hungary and EU best practice. The general problem of internet usage in Hungary is the lack of trust and knowledge.

Therefore the consortium’s strategy is built on a twofold approach:

  • Creating confidence by providing solutions, and guidelines for safe internet usage for parents, teachers and grandparents.
  • Develop a more careful behaviour in children in connection with the dangers.

Consortium description:

The consortium consists of 3 organisations:

  • Association of Hungarian Content Providers (MTE) – the coordinator
  • Forum of Hungarian IT Organisations for Information Society (Inforum)
  • Axelero Internet (Axelero)

Participants description:

All the 3 organisations are considered to be dominant actors of the content industry, mainly as so called opinion leaders, sponsors of civil initiatives aimed at extending the information society and its safety in Hungary. MTE and Inforum are non-profit organisations, which through their large-scale memberships represent about 80% of the Hungarian content sector. Axelero, Hungary’s largest internet service provider and operator of the biggest web-portal was included in the framework a PPP (public-private partnership) in order to enhance dissemination and ensure a professional way of thinking.


  • Act as node of awareness network in Hungary.
  • Devise a hard-hitting and targeted awareness campaign
  • Establish and maintain a partnership with key players (government agencies, press and media groups, ISP associations), co-operate with work in the wider field of media and information literacy
  • Inform users about European filtering software and services and about hotlines
  • Actively co-operate with other national nodes in the European network
  • Provide a pool of expertise and technical assistance to start-up awareness nodes

More information is available on the webpage

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