CZESICON: CZEch Safer Internet COmbined Node

Safer Internet in Czech Republic
Safer Internet in Czech Republic
The first safer internet awareness node in the Czech Republic (Project CzeSI) was officially launched on 1st September 2005. In 2006 following the recommendation of the EC, we decided to stop the CzeSI project and implement the foreseen activities through the new combined CZEch Safer Internet COmbined Node (CZESICON).

The project started on 1st January 2007 under the coordination of the CZI Company and will last till 31st of December 2008. CZESICON includes the awareness node/helpline and the internet hotline modules: The Safer internet awareness node/helpline is going to provide children with first aid in the form of psychological and social assistance helping them to work, learn, chat, browse, and feel comfortable on the internet.

The Safer Internet Hotline will give all internet users in the Czech Republic the opportunity to report illegal content. It will fight illegal content such as child pornography and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation of children and pass reports on to the appropriate bodies for action.

The important part ofed efforts is to establish an efficient and trustful communication channel in cooperation with relevant partners to help children in discomfort or in danger to come over troubles caused by the Internet illegal content or improper behaviour of the Internet users, develop a realistic methodology to analyse such dangers and to complete a set of nationwide awareness campaigns of events focused on issues causing discomfort or menace on the Internet.

The CZESICON project will share the information and experiences with other national Safer Internet projects throughout Europe by exchanging the best practices, and contributing to European approach. The project adapted as necessary for the Czech national linguistic and cultural preferences will actively co-operate with INSAFE network at the European level. It is also going to complete the system of the European hotlines, members of the INHOPE.

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