Spondea is a public benefit organisation which endeavours to improve life quality for children, their parents and close relatives and further for people who encountered any kind of domestic violence. The aim of the organization is to support people who found themselves in a difficult situation due to unfavourable circumstances and need to solve the problem to become a part of society again.
Spondea runs Crisis Centre for Children and Youth and Intervention Centre for People Threatened with Domestic Violence in Brno.

Dětské Krizové Centrum

Children Crisis Centre has been operating in Prague since 1992. It provides assistance to children suffering from CAN syndrome. Activities of the centre include prevention, intervention, diagnosis and therapy. Its staff consists of psychologists, therapists and social workers. Moreover the Centre cooperates with pediatricians, child psychiatrists, gynecologists and sexologists.

Bílý kruh bezpečí

Bílý kruh bezpečí is a non-governmental organization providing crime victims and witnesses with professional, free of charge, confidental support. The victim support service combines standard professional counselling, specialized services (psychotherapy, accompaniment to process acts, preparation for court hearing, financial relief, weekend-long psychological reconditioning events, physiotherapy) and nonstandard situations (driving out to hospital visiting injured victims, visiting the place of residence of survivors, cross-border assistance).

Our Children Foundation

Our Child Foundation (Nadace Naše dítě) was established as a non-profit organization on 1 October 1993 with the aim of helping children who find themselves in a crisis or difficult life situations. In 2004, the foundation expanded its activities to include help for abused, exploited and disabled children as well as those who are at risk or have been abandoned. The Foundation is one of the leading non-governmental organization in the field of child protection in Czech Republic.

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