Bílý kruh bezpečí

Bílý kruh bezpečí is a non-governmental organization providing crime victims and witnesses with professional, free of charge, confidental support. The victim support service combines standard professional counselling, specialized services (psychotherapy, accompaniment to process acts, preparation for court hearing, financial relief, weekend-long psychological reconditioning events, physiotherapy) and nonstandard situations (driving out to hospital visiting injured victims, visiting the place of residence of survivors, cross-border assistance).

BKB works in 11 offices in 7 regions of the Czech Republic. This service is professional, free of charge and discreet. Personal contact is always provided by a pair of advisors; a lawyer and a psychologist.


Other activities of BKB include:

  • Training and educational activities aimed at improving the practice of justice administration. The target groups are: police officers, judges, prosecutors, certified experts, lawyers, social workers, medical officers and university students.
  • Publishing and public education activities
  • Social campaigns

The organization has been taking part in a number of international project devoted to improving support of vulnerable witness of crimes, including children and is a member of Victim Support Europe forum.

More information at the website of the organization: http://bkb.cz/index.php

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