Centre for struggling mothers aims to break the cycle of child abandonment in Ukraine

According to the statistical data, the number of Ukrainian children placed in institutions has doubled to 65,000 in the past 10 years, despite the government’s efforts to prevent it. Poverty, unemployment, alcoholism and drug use have made child abandonment a common phenomenon in Ukraine. Without an alternative, it is likely that a struggling mother would give up her baby and leave the child in institution.

I am going to court

I am going to court - cover, Latvia
I am going to court - cover, Latvia
The activity book for children to help them in getting ready for witnessing in court. It is dedicated for younger children (5-12 years old) and should be filled in by a child under the supervision of a professional or a parent or a caregiver. By short and easy description it helps to understand the institution of court justice and the role and obligations of a little witness. The book was published in Poland in 2002.

Local supervisions in Ukraine in 2006

The local supervisions in Ukraine in 2006 were conducted in three regions:

Trainings conducted in Ukraine in 2006

During the 2006 there were three trainings conducted in Ukraine. The first one carried out in April and May was organized for approximately 60 representatives of social services for families, children and youth, workers of the services for the affairs of minors and the police. It was held in two regions of Ukraine: Cherkasy and Rivne. As the topic of the training was "Preventing Family Violence and Working with Crisis Families", the participants learned how to identify children who suffered from abuse and how to work with crisis families. They also studied in detail what to do and which institution to apply if a child abuse case became known. About 90% of the participants agreed that the topic of the training is extremely important for Ukrainian society.