Trainings conducted in Ukraine in 2006

During the 2006 there were three trainings conducted in Ukraine.

The first one carried out in April and May was organized for approximately 60 representatives of social services for families, children and youth, workers of the services for the affairs of minors and the police. It was held in two regions of Ukraine: Cherkasy and Rivne. As the topic of the training was "Preventing Family Violence and Working with Crisis Families", the participants learned how to identify children who suffered from abuse and how to work with crisis families. They also studied in detail what to do and which institution to apply if a child abuse case became known. About 90% of the participants agreed that the topic of the training is extremely important for Ukrainian society.


The participants of the second training held in July were CCF's trainers from 4 Ukrainian regions (Cherkasy, Crimea, Kirovohrad, Khmelnytskyi). The program of this training included discussion of child abuse issues using the ‘open spaces' method and improving competences of the trainers in conducting trainings on prevention of child abuse and informed parenthood. The training's program covered also an issue of developing a concept for conducting a national campaign "Childhood without Abuse" and a possibility of trainers' participation in this campaign. As a result a decision was taken to conduct in each region press conferences and round-table discussions on the prevention of violence against children in families.


The training "Developing and Implementing Campaigns to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect" were conducted in three regions of Ukraine: Kyiv (March 30 - April 1, 2006), Dnipropetrovsk (April 28 - April 30, 2006), and Lutsk (April 17 - April 19, 2006). During this training participants developed concepts for local informational campaign to prevent child abuse. They also got acquainted with the planned national campaign "Childhood without Abuse". Most participants were interested in the campaign and expressed their readiness to take part in it in the regions.

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